Preparing for a singing audition is different from a movie audition since there are a lot more vocals and considerably fewer expressions required at a singing audition. However, the best advice when going on an audition or casting call of any nature is to be relaxed. The worst thing that can happen to you is that you will not get the job – one which you really did not have in the first place.

Singing is an art which can be perfected, if you have the talent. Becoming a singer is not easy, since it requires quite a lot of work and effort to sing. Some may suggest that singing and performing live in front of millions of fans is more nerve wracking and harder than acting on
stage or in front of a camera.

People who aspire to become singers usually hire singing coaches who help them prepare for free singing auditions. This can be beneficial for people, since the singing coach will offer them invaluable advice and critique on their performance, allowing them to deliver a flawless performance during their audition.

There are a multitude of talent shows on live television which hold free singing auditions for aspiring singers, and help them launch their singing careers. Some examples of such shows include The X Factor, American Idol, America’s/Britain’s Got Talent, and they are regularly on the lookout for the next big music sensation in the industry.

There are some things which you can implement in your preparation for a free singing audition, and will allow you to deliver an impressive performance in front of the music producers.

Choose the Right Song for Your Voice

It is important to know your limits when you are singing. Most people cannot pull off high pitched notes when they are singing. Similarly, some people have a problem singing in a low tone. Recognize your talent and choose a song that is easy to sing and which enhances your singing potential. It will also help you perform well if you are familiar with the song, since if you are well versed with the lyrics of the song, you can enjoy singing them and implementing your own style into the song.

Have the Right Posture and Body Language

Posture is very important for singing at the right tempo and rhythm. The music directors and producers will also be looking at your body language during your singing audition to determine whether there is any passion and commitment to the way you are singing. Remember that self confidence comes from within, and if you have a confident posture and body language, you are much more likely to ‘wow’ everybody in the room with your performance.

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  1. Carmen muriel

    Hello my name is carmen Muriel Iam 13 years old and to say I guess I’ve been singing since I was in my mothers whom and I’ve grown so much in my vocals I’ve taken this year to finally start my singing audition even though I have done a couple already I want to be absolutely serious everyone always asks me what do I want to be when I graduate and I have always said this one word that will never change and that’s to be a singer I guess I have a voice for a reason why not use it if God has given it to me my brother auditioned for so you think you can dance and made it through the 1st 2nd and 3rd round until he got cut but now he is dancing with the royal Caribbean seas dancer and is 20 years old ever since he auditioned for so you think you can dance he inspired me so much that you have to fight for your dreams and that’s what I am trying to start now thank you so much

  2. Holli Rios

    I love to sing I have always wanted to I’m only 11 and if any way I get a chance to be a popstar I would take it in a second cause I might be young but I still love to dream huge and if anyone can give me a chance I’ll take it

  3. Savannah Tyler

    I’ll believe that when a girl wants the same opportunity or his opportunity that’s why you should always believe in yourself bye text me back if you did have a comment please

  4. Maria G

    Sense I was five I was always told it is impossible to make it as a singer. Singing is my heart it is my world it is my cure when I’m upset and my happiness. I hope I get to have the chance to get this audition so I can prove to myself that every step is one step closer and dreams can come true if you truly fight for it and stay optimistic. I am nineteen now and still fighting for my dreams to become reality, I live in Bronx New York. P:s I am also interested in acting.

  5. Hailey Ensign

    Hello, my name is Hailey. I have been signing for as long as I remember! Right now I am 12 years old. I really love singing and dancing and acting. I now know that being a singer is all I ever wanted. Things have been really hard for me lately. My parents got into a divorce and my stomach has been having problems. At first they thought it was gastritis, but now they think it could be celiac or even crones disease. Or worse. So please this is no joke I would do anything to become a singer. Thank you so much.

  6. Thalisa bethel

    Hey I started singing when I was turning 6 and get get lots of complements some solos and I’m am a hi altoi and I’m really working with my grades because when I grow up I want to be a brain surgent I’m 10 now but I want a chance to do this and it has to be free thank you for listening by

  7. Faye R

    Hey, my name is Faye R. I have been singing since i was about 7 years old. I just woke up one morning and decided that i really wanted to become a singer. I’m 13 years old now. I always sang for my church. I don’t know if im doing this right or not. I can sing to music, but i can play the piano some, and im working on making my own music. Singing is one of my biggest dreams now, and i have had alot of people tell me i am really good. I live in asheboro North Carolina. so feel free to call or e-mail. but i really would like to have a chance. i hope auditions are free. thank you very much.

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